Obesity Education Series

The VAFCC is excited to be partnering with Novo Nordisk, a company committed to improving lives by changing how the world sees, prevents, and treats obesity, on a 4-part obesity education webinar series. We invite clinic staff, providers, and volunteers to participate in the following sessions:

8/16 at 12pm: Obesity as a Chronic Disease State & the Science of Obesity

  • ​Session Objectives:
    • Introduce obesity as a serious, chronic disease with associated weight-related comorbidities
    • Identify the genetic, environmental, and biological causes of obesity
    • Explain the role of appetite-regulating hormones and the brain on food intake
    • Discuss metabolic adaptation and its effect on weight regain
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  • Why the need for Security?
  • What does SecurityEdge do?
  • How does SecurityEdge work and protect customers?
  • What does the customer need to do?

​8/25 at 12pm: Obesity Treatment Approaches and the Healthcare Team

  • ​Session Objectives:
    • Review metabolic adaptation and the challenges of maintaining weight loss with lifestyle interventions alone
    • Review AACE/ACE guideline recommendations for long term pharmacotherapy use
    • Review short term and long term pharmacotherapy options
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  • What are the benefits of Managed Router?
  • What are the requirements for Managed Router?
  • What routers does Comcast provide for customers? 

9/21 at 12pm: Overview of GLP-1 Cardiometabolic Diseases

  • Session Objectives:
    • Introduction to GLP-1 RA
    • Review effects of GLP-1 RAs in type 2 diabetes, CVD risk reduction, and renal risk reduction
    • Review potential of GLP-1RAs in NASH/NAFLD
    • Overview of safety and tolerability of GLP1-RAs
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  • When does the Internet go down?
  • Medical organizations on solid business continuity solutions
  • How does Metro Wireless solve digital interruptions?
  • Helping medical deliver top patient care

9/26 at 12pm: Obesity HCP-Patient Partnership and Creating a Treatment Plan

  • Session Objectives:
    • Review obesity as a serious, chronic disease and the importance of long-term weight managment
    • Provide framework for obesity management from starting the conversation, motivational interviewing, and goal setting
    • Introduce practical tips and tools for HCPs to implement in their practice, including review of AACE/ACE guidelines
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Akilah Parks, PharmD, CDE received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Howard University in 2005. She then completed a pharmacy residency in Pharmacotherapy with the Miami Veteran Affairs Hospital.  Prior to coming to Novo Nordisk, Dr. Parks practiced clinical pharmacy within the Maryland Department of Corrections where she managed a statewide diabetes management program for high risk patients. She is currently a Medical Science Liaison servicing MD, DC and VA.

Brianne Shokri, PharmD received her Doctor of Pharmacy from the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). After over 10 years of working in the retail sector, she transitioned into a pediatric/ambulatory clinical pharmacist at MUSC. Several years later, she moved to DC, where she worked in various areas of the pharmacy at George Washington. She currently holds a role at Novo Nordisk as an obesity educator to spread awareness on obesity as a chronic disease state and help implement strategies within the healthcare environment.

Jane Oshinsky, MS, RDN received her Master of Science from the University of Maryland and is a registered dietitian nutritionist.  She has an extensive background in the pharmaceutical industry and has worked for Novo Nordisk for over 15 years. She currently works as the regional account manager for the Commonwealth of Virginia. She focuses on helping employers, health-systems, and health plans understand obesity as a complex and growing disease that requires a variety of treatment approaches across Virginia.

Lydia Wang, PharmD, MBA, BCPS, BCACP, DPLA received her Doctor of Pharmacy with highest distinction from the University of North Carolina. She went on to receive post graduate training and became board certified in both ambulatory care and pharmacotherapy specialist. She went on to work as a clinical pharmacist coordinator for Atrium Health and then professional speaker at Abbott pharmaceuticals. She has since received many awards, honors, and certifications. She currently holds a role at Novo Nordisk as a Medical Account Associate Director servicing NC, SC, VA, MD, and DE.

About Novo Nordisk:
Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company with almost 100 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care. This heritage gives us the experience and capabilities that enable us to help people defeat other serious chronic diseases: diabetes, hemophilia, growth disorders, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases.

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