Patients Only a Text Away

A new partnership with CareMessage aims to better connect clinics to their patients.

Virginia's free and charitable clinics generally operate on an appointment basis and patients who fail to show when scheduled are not only occupying a time slot that could have gone to another patient but are consuming limited clinic resources unnecessarily. As a resource and support, the VAFCC's new partnership with CareMessage is aiming to help. 

With open rates of nearly 98%, text messages are much more effective than email-based patient communications and boasts a 20% increase in response rates from previously inactive patients. CareMessage is also available in both English and Spanish which is essential as free clinic patients are becoming increasing more and more diverse. The success lies in the simplicity of these reminders, as patients who are unable to keep their appointment can reschedule with a brief text message. Designed exclusively for safety net clinics, CareMessage is leveraged in 43 states by over 150 free and charitable clinics who report a 50% reduction in no show appointments when utilizing the platform. This system also streamlines patient care by including an automated referral system and educational programs.

The VAFCC is always looking for new ways to assist its members to provide the best care possible. As a result of this new partnership, VAFCC member clinics will be able to subscribe to the platform for a discounted rate, making a platform designed to reduce no show appointments and ease some of the burden of staff shortages more affordable. For organizations looking to partner with us, please visit this page to learn more about us and our partners. 


A Lifesaving Investment

Working towards a Virginia where all people have access to comprehensive, quality healthcare by supporting and advocating for our member clinics so that hardworking individuals and families are protected from healthcare crises.