Celebrated Clinic Leader Retires

Hampton Roads free clinic leader retires after long career in healthcare

The Virginia Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (VAFCC) wishes to congratulate and celebrate a Hampton Roads leader on her recent retirement. Golden Bethune-Hill helped launch the Community Free Clinic of Newport News in 2010 after a long and successful career at Riverside Regional Medical Center. During her tenure at Riverside, she was the first African-American Director of Nursing and Executive Vice President.
The Newport News free clinic that Bethune-Hill founded provides free primary and dental care to vulnerable residents. She led with compassion and optimism, and never took a salary as the clinic's executive director. With her latest retirement, we at the VAFCC wish her the best in this next chapter of her life. We're thankful for Bethune-Hill's unwavering dedication to increasing access to healthcare. Her work continues to make a difference today. 


A Lifesaving Investment

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