Help Us Make a Difference

volunteers-new.jpgClinics couldn't provide quality care without the incredible support of volunteers. More than 11,262 Virginians volunteered with a free or charitable clinic. These included:

  • 2441 physicians
  • 1120 nurses
  • 224 nurse practitioners
  • 91 physician assistants
  • 363 dentists
  • 80 dental hygienists
  • 228 dental assistants
  • 205 pharmacists
  • 135 pharmacy technicians
  • 49 psychiatrists
  • 22 podiatrists
  • 1564 other health professionals
  • 4561 non-clinical volunteers 

Many of our volunteers have been supporting local clinics for years. They enjoy helping others and give their time and talents to help make a difference. As you see by the numbers above, many people who are not health care professionals are volunteering to help with a variety of administrative and clerical tasks. That means if you’ve got some time to share, we'll put you to work!

Visit our Clinic Locator to see where our clinics are located and the services they provide.  Then complete the volunteer form below and you will receive an email providing you with contact information so that you can connect with the clinic(s). Note: Each clinic manages their own volunteers, so they will be able to explain their volunteer opportunities when you contact them.

Volunteer Physicians and PA's click here.

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Mission of Mercy Events

missions_of_mercy_logo.pngMission of Mercy events are held over a weekend in different cities around Virginia. They provide dental services to people who have nowhere else to receive treatment. These events run on volunteers, dentists, dental students, hygienists, dental assistants, administrative/clerical, set up and break down teams, etc. If you are interested in a single weekend event, rather than a long-term volunteer opportunity, please consider a Mission of Mercy Clinic. Click for details on all events.

Ram of Virginia

RAM Logo-web.jpg

RAM of Virginia branch holds several clinics each year to address the state’s unwavering problems with health care access. Visit here details of events.