Full Clinic Membership

Annual budget of $0 up to $500,000 $1,000/year
Annual budget of $500,001 up to $1,000,000 $2,000/year
Annual budget of $1,000,001 up to $2,000,000 $3,000/year
Annual budget of more than $2,000,000 $4,000/year

Note:  New Member dues for first year of full membership is $500/year

What is a Clinic Member?

Any 501(c)(3) organization (read definition of a clinic) whose primary mission is to provide health care services to individuals in Virginia who have limited income and are uninsured or underinsured and meets the VAFCC Membership Standards can apply to be a member of VAFCC. All potential new members must be operational for two full years before applying for membership.  We also ask all clinics interested in applying for full membership to join VAFCC as an Affiliate Member for one year prior to applying in order to get to know VAFCC as well as to utilize the resources and tools available to all member clinics. There is a one-time $500 application fee to apply for membership. For information on becoming a VAFCC Member Clinic, please contact Kathryn Zapach at kathryn@vafreeclinics.org or 804-340-3434.

Clinic Membership Core Services - View the Benefits

Associate Clinic Membership

Associate Member $500/year

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What is an Associate Member?

It is a 501(c)(3) organization that meets the definition of a free clinic and the VAFCC Membership Standards and has submitted an application for full membership in VAFCC and is waiting to complete the acceptance process (this can take from 12-18 months).  It may also be a former Clinic Member that has been suspended from full membership by the VAFCC Board of Directors and is waiting to be reinstated.  Affiliate Members will have the opportunity to enjoy the same benefits as Clinic Members, except for receiving any funding from either the state or grants.

Individual Membership

Individual $100
Staff/Volunteer (of a Member Clinic) $50
Faculty $45
Student $35

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What is an individual Member?

This is open to any individuals who wish to become involved with the free clinics in Virginia. These can be private individuals, staff or volunteers of a free clinic, faculty of colleges and universities in Virginia, as well as students who may be pursuing a career in some health care field. Their membership will help support the work of the VAFCC.