Not all free clinics in Virginia are members of the Virginia Association of Free & Charitable Clinics.  On this map are VAFCC member and affiliate member clinics only.  These clinics are independent, nonprofit, volunteer-driven and community-based organizations. Each clinic sets its own eligibility requirements and guidelines, and all must be contacted directly for help. Clinics are funded through community donations, grants and special events. They do not receive money from the federal government.

Clinics offer a variety of health care services, including medical, dental, vision, mental health and pharmacy services. However, not all clinics offer all services.  Not all areas of Virginia have a free or charitable clinic.  

If there is not a free clinic in your area or you do not meet the eligibility requirements of a clinic, please use the links below to find other services in your community:

  • Community Health Centers provide services to the uninsured. Use this link to locate a Community Health Center.
  • Dental Services, please use this link to see other options for dental care in Virginia.  
  • STD/STI/HIV testing, please use this link to locate a testing site near you.
  • Department of Health Clinics provide services to all Virginia residents.  Use this link to locate the nearest Department of Health.
  • Participate in a Discount Drug Program.  Visit this link to learn more and print out a card.
  • Human Services. Visit 2-1-1 for local resources (food, housing, transportation, etc.)
  • RAM of Virginia holds several clinics each year to address the need for health care in Virginia. Visit this link to find locations and dates.