Not all free clinics in Virginia are members of the Virginia Association of Free & Charitable Clinics.  On the map above are VAFCC member and affiliate member clinics only. These clinics are independent, nonprofit, volunteer-driven and community-based organizations. Each clinic sets its own eligibility requirements and guidelines, and all must be contacted directly for help.

Clinics offer a variety of health care services, including medical, dental, vision, mental health and pharmacy services. However, not all clinics offer all services. Not all areas of Virginia have a free or charitable clinic.  

If there is not a free clinic in your area or you do not meet the eligibility requirements of a clinic, please use the links below to find other services in your community:

  • Community Health Centers provide services to the uninsured. Use this link to locate a Community Health Center.
  • Dental Services, please use this link to see other options for dental care in Virginia.  
  • STD/STI/HIV testing, please use this link to locate a testing site near you.
  • Department of Health Clinics provide services to all Virginia residents.  Use this link to locate the nearest Department of Health.
  • Participate in a Discount Drug Program.  Visit this link to learn more and print out a card.
  • Human Services. Visit 2-1-1 for local resources (food, housing, transportation, etc.)
  • RAM of Virginia holds several clinics each year to address the need for health care in Virginia. Visit this link to find locations and dates.