Events for this Month

Apr 13

VAFCC Regional Workshop: Workplace Safety - Active Threat Training

10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Workplace Safety: Active Threat Training

Facing an armed individual with bad intentions in your workplace or during a family  outing is every person’s worst nightmare. While you may not be able to stop the individual, you can chose how to react. This  training is based on the concept of Run, Hide, Fight and participants will review past situations that have occured around the United States and locally.

This workshop will give you tools to use regardless of the location or situation you may be in as well as help you identify potential acts of violence. You will also learn what you can expect from law enforcement who are responding to an active threat situation.

Apr 20

VHCF Tooth Talk

10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

To Register: 

Apr 24

VHCF Mental Health Roundtable

10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Details:      Trauma Informed Care & Resilience Roundtable

                   Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association

                   4200 Innslake Drive

                   Glen Allen, VA 23060

                   April 24th, 10AM to 3PM

Join VHCF as we kick off our trauma informed care initiative with a training that goes “beyond the basics” of trauma informed care and resilience with Dr. Allison Jackson. Dr. Jackson will offer information and insights that will benefit attendees at every level of the trauma informed care journey.

Registration is limited, so please sign up today!


Through this roundtable, attendees will develop skills and understanding related to:

  • Understanding Trauma: Adverse Childhood Experiences and their impact on overall well-being
  • Trauma’s Impact on the Brain: An introduction to the upstairs/downstairs brain model, and basic skills anyone can use to connect and redirect someone in a heightened state of stress
  • Trauma’s Impact on At-Risk Health Behaviors: Responding to a person’s need, not reacting to their behavior
  • Building Individual Resilience with Every Day Action: Promoting self-regulation, positive self-identity, and co-regulation skills in others’ lives and our own
  • Building Community Resilience: Understanding the “virtuous cycle,” building and engaging in trauma informed community networks, the power of collective impact models of resilience, and how they improve our communities’ health outcomes

Upcoming Events

May 01

Annual Membership Renewal Survey due

All Day

The following is due Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Part A: Annual Membership Renewal Survey due by 11:00pm

Part B: Board of Directors Roster due by 5:00pm via email to

Part C: Membership dues formdue by 5:00pm via email to

Part D: Member Standards Crosswalk due by 5:00pm via US MAIL (with original signatures from the Executive Director AND Board Chair)

Part E: Your clinic’s most recently completed fiscal year’s (as of May 1, 2018) audit/financial review and 990 needs to be postmarked by Thursday, November 1, 2018 via US Mail.

If you have any questions about the membership renewal process, or feel the clinic is unable to meet all Membership Standards by the required deadline, please contact Kathryn Zapach at 804-340-3434 or


May 16

VHCF Mental Health Roundtable

All Day

On May 16th, Dr. Jackson will return for a 5 hour hands-on workshop that teaches attendees how to foster resilience throughout a patient’s experience in the health care setting. This will include trauma screening, engaging in the resilience case plan process, and self-care planning for professionals.

The resilience skill-building process for patients will feature the release of a new and innovative tool available to every attendee. This tool, Resilience Building Blocks for Life, is a deck of cards that provides a fun and simple framework for helping patients identify the resilience skills they already possess as well as those they would like to strengthen.

Adapted from a set of child-focused resilience skill cards designed by the Children’s Resilience Initiative in Walla Walla, WA, these cards were designed specifically for the health safety net and will be an important addition to any program.

You can request more information about this training when you register for the April 24th roundtable.

Note: To be eligible to attend the May 16th program, you must attend the Mental Health Roundtable on April 24th.

Oct 21

2018 VAFCC Annual Conference

All Day

The 2018 VAFCC Annual Conference will be held October 21-23, 2018 in Fairfax, Virginia at the Fairfax Marriott at Fair Oaks.  More information to follow.

Save the date to join us in celebration of our 25th anniversary!