A Legacy of Service

After 15 years of dedicated service, long-time Free Clinic of Powhatan leader retires.

When Connie Moslow first moved to Powhatan (some 40 years ago), she began volunteering and noticed a lack of affordable medical care. It was after she discovered that Powhatan residents were visiting Richmond's free clinic in search of care that she decided to create one for her community. “I waited around thinking someone else would start one, and no one did. So, I thought, ‘Well, let's go do it.' It's been a great thing for the county, it's been a great thing for me, it's been a good thing for our patients, it's been a good thing for our staff.”

From a humble beginning with the Bon Secours Care-A-Van to moving into its own building, Connie Moslow has been the steady hand guiding the Free Clinic of Powhatan. In her tenure the clinic has expanded its services numerous times, beginning with only basic services in a donated space to becoming a full-service clinic with primary medical, pharmaceutical, dental, mental health, and women's heath services all in one place following a move into newly renovated facility in March of 2021. “Now we have all the room we need and were able to expand our hours and increase our patients served,” Connie said about the new clinic space.

For the first time in its history, the Free Clinic of Powhatan will have new leadership. After 15 years, Connie is stepping down as executive director, a voluntary role in which she took no salary. In her place will step Elizabeth Ream. Her combination of non-profit management and clinical experience gives Elizabeth a unique set of skills to oversee the growth and development of the free clinic. “I am excited to join such a dedicated group of people who are so committed to helping our community. Connie has laid a strong foundation for our growth and development. I am looking forward to continuing her mission.” 

Connie has been the force behind the successful organizational development and growth of the Free Clinic of Powhatan and because of her dedication and service, thousands in her community have received critical health care services. “The time I have spent with the volunteers and staff of the free clinic is priceless. To see the number of patients we care for and the services we offer continue to expand is so gratifying. It is an exciting time for the clinic, and I am confident that Elizabeth Ream will be a compassionate leader to oversee the clinic's next chapter.”


A Lifesaving Investment

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