Longtime Safety Net Leader Stepping Down

You have to stand up for what you believe in, says Janet Call, longtime healthcare safety net leader. If you believe everyone deserves healthcare, then you need stand up for it.

Longtime healthcare advocate, Janet Call has dedicated over fifteen years to the free clinic system in Virginia, working to ensure healthcare access for the underserved. “There are hundreds, even thousands, of extraordinary professionals who commit unselfishly of themselves to ensure that uninsured patients have necessary access to health care in Virginia,” Linda Wilkinson, former head of the Virginia Association of Free and Charitable Clinics said. “However, I only know of one person who has positively impacted the lives of patients in multiple communities in Virginia – Janet has been a leader of leaders within the healthcare safety net system for years. Her quiet determination has enabled thousands of our neighbors and friends to receive quality, respectful healthcare without regard to income, thus improving their individual lives and our communities. We will forever be grateful to Janet for her loyal commitment.”

"You have to stand up for what you believe in", says Janet Call, longtime healthcare safety net leader. "If you believe everyone deserves healthcare, then you need stand up for it."

A skilled nurse practitioner and chronic disease specialist, Janet utilized her medical background to not only provide compassionate direct clinical care to underserved patients, she has also led several free clinics around the state, serving as the Executive Director of Chesapeake Care Clinic for close to a decade before moving to the Free Clinic of Culpeper and concluding her leadership tenure at the Greene Care Clinic which she help build from the ground up with the support of key volunteers and supporters. “Janet used her passion and boundless energy to turn the idea of providing professional health care to those in need, into the Greene Care Clinic. Her drive and leadership helped the clinic grow from an idea into a thriving clinic -- helping hundreds of Greene County residents each year,” reported Jim Frydl, Greene Care Clinic's board chair.

Passionate about activism and impacting positive social change, Janet began her career by teaching at Old Dominion University in the nursing program before moving on from academia to provide direct services. Now, in 2019, Janet is retiring and looking forward to spending more time with her husband at their log cabin in Vermont, visiting with their nine grandchildren, and making the most of their mobile ice cream truck!  True to form, Janet plans to continue her volunteer involvement and reminds us all to be compassionate to patients and what they're going through.


A Lifesaving Investment

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