Prior to June 2011, Deborah had little to no access to medical care for almost 5 years. She did not have medical insurance and was becoming very ill. She was lethargic often unable to get out of bed in the morning suffering bouts of vomiting. She was unable to keep a job or take care of herself. She learned about Chesapeake Care and made an appointment.

Their team together with their network of specialists diagnosed her with Hepatitis C, high blood pressure and an iron deficiency that requires regular treatment including expensive iron infusions. Today she is high-functioning and able to hold down two jobs. Deborah says, "I would not be up and walking around, able to care for myself or hold down a job if it wasn't for Chesapeake Care and their wonderful staff and volunteers."



Andrew.jpgFor his entire adult life, Andrew lived everyone’s dream. He worked as a corporate accountant, made plenty of money, and never had health problems. Then, for the first time in his life, he found himself in the hospital with a life threatening bacterial infection. He was hospitalized for two and a half months. When he was released he found himself without a job, and without health insurance.

The economic crash of 2008 made it very difficult for Andrew to find steady work, and it ultimately cost him everything. He lost his savings and his house. He had to declare bankruptcy. He had nothing left and nowhere to turn when he noticed a spot on his back that had been causing pain. The spot turned out to be skin cancer. Andrew had surgery to remove the cancer, but without insurance or income he couldn’t afford follow-up care. For Andrew, coming to the Loudoun Free Clinic was a last resort.


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