• Last year member clinics provided patients with 37,567 dental visits.

    Estimated value of these dental services - $8,996,332.

  • Last year member clinics provided patients with 224,840 primary care visits and 55,596 specialty care visits.

    Estimated value of these patient visits - $41,510,038.

  • Last year member clinics provided patients with 22,946 mental health sessions.

    Estimated value of these mental health visits - $3,560,992.

  • Last year member clinics provided patients with 742,217 prescriptions.

    Estimated value of these medications - $121,340,889.

  • Last year hospitals and lab companies in Virginia provided the patients of member clinics with free lab services.

    Estimated value of these services - $53,436,595.


05/26/16 VHCF 2016 Unsung Heroes Awards

Congratulations to all the recipients of these awards for going above and beyond to provide health care for underserved Virginians. Individuals at four member clinics were recognized:  Jeannie Nelson (Northern Neck Free Health Clinic), Dr. Joseph Smiddy (The Health Wagon), Diane Naughton (Arlington Free Clinic) and Leo Ross, RPh (Cross Over Health Ministry).
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05/16/16 Free Weekend Clinic in July

Every year a weekend clinic is held is Wise County, VA at the fairgrounds. The people who come don't qualify for Medicaid in Virginia because it wasn't expanded, but they don't qualify for health care insurance under the ACA because they don't earn enough.  
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05/03/16 High Costs = Underinsured Patients

The statistics in this story demonstrates why some free clinics are adding assistance for the UNDERinsured to their mission.
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04/30/16 Free Medical Clinic in Smyth County, VA

Hundreds of people will receive medical and dental services this weekend in Smyth County thanks to the volunteers. The clinic runs Friday through Sunday.
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04/26/16 Update on the Affordable Care Act

One of the chief goals of the Affordable Care Act was to expand insurance coverage so that all Americans could have access to quality health care. How's that working out?  Apparently not so great for low income Americans.  
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04/25/16 Charlottesville Free Clinic Expands Mission

The free clinic in Charlottesville is expanding its mission to provide financial assistance with high medical expenses.
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03/29/16 CVS Grants Awarded

Annually CVS gives out hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to free clinics across the country.  Two clinics in Virginia were awarded 2016 grants through this program.  Congratulations to VAFCC Member Clinics, Loudoun Free Clinic and CrossOver Ministries!
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03/25/16 Positions Open in Free Clinics

Rescue Mission Ministries in Roanoke is conducting a search for a new CEO

Loudoun Free Clinic in Leesburg is accepting resumes for a variety of clinic positions.
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