• Last year member clinics provided patients with 37,567 dental visits.

    Estimated value of these dental services - $8,996,332.

  • Last year member clinics provided patients with 224,840 primary care visits and 55,596 specialty care visits.

    Estimated value of these patient visits - $41,510,038.

  • Last year member clinics provided patients with 22,946 mental health sessions.

    Estimated value of these mental health visits - $3,560,992.

  • Last year member clinics provided patients with 742,217 prescriptions.

    Estimated value of these medications - $121,340,889.

  • Last year hospitals and lab companies in Virginia provided the patients of member clinics with free lab services.

    Estimated value of these services - $53,436,595.


04/26/16 Update on the Affordable Care Act

One of the chief goals of the Affordable Care Act was to expand insurance coverage so that all Americans could have access to quality health care. How's that working out?  Apparently not so great for low income Americans.  
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04/25/16 Charlottesville Free Clinic Expands Mission

The free clinic in Charlottesville is expanding its mission to provide financial assistance with high medical expenses.
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03/29/16 CVS Grants Awarded

Annually CVS gives out hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to free clinics across the country.  Two clinics in Virginia were awarded 2016 grants through this program.  Congratulations to VAFCC Member Clinics, Loudoun Free Clinic and CrossOver Ministries!
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03/25/16 Positions Open in Free Clinics

Rescue Mission Ministries in Roanoke is conducting a search for a new CEO

Loudoun Free Clinic in Leesburg is accepting resumes for a variety of clinic positions.
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03/17/16 New Supreme Court Nominee

President Obama has made his nomination for the Supreme Court. Where does the new Justice nominee come down in health care reform?
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02/27/16 Petersburg Clinic Featured on PBS

The PBS series "Virginia Currents" is featuring the work done by Pathways in Petersburg. This is a specialty clinic that meets a variety of needs.
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02/24/16 Western Tidewater Free Clinic Searching for New ED

The Western Tidewater Free Clinic in Suffolk, VA is accepting resumes for a new Executive Director. Deadline to submit is March 22, 2016.
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02/14/16 Virginians Enroll for Health Insurance

The number of Virginians that have enrolled for health insurance have exceeded projections.
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02/10/16 Culmore Clinic - Hiring Clinical Director

The Culmore Clinic is accepting resumes for the position of Clinical Director
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01/20/16 CrossOver Ministry ED Honored

The Richmond YWCA’s 2016 Outstanding Women Awards will recognize accomplishments in health care for the uninsured, middle school education for girls, immigration and foreign trade laws, and aid to survivors of sexual abuse, among other successes.  Congratulations to Julie Bilodeau, Executive Director of CrossOver Healthcare Ministry, for being one of this year’s honorees! 
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01/14/16 New Position at Nova Scripts Central

Nova Scripts Central in northern Virginia is accepting resumes for their new position:
Education Outreach Coordinator
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01/07/16 Prince William Clinic Accepting Resumes

The Prince William Area Free Unified Health Center's board of directors is accepting resumes for the position of Executive Director, as well as Medical Director.  ED, Linda Franklin and Dr. Rebecca Sinclair have both decided to retire.  Click on links to read full job descriptions.

12/22/15 Medically Uninsured are Working Folk Too!

It may come as a surprise that a large proportion of the nation's uninsured are active participants in the nation's workforce ... the freshly minted college graduate waiting tables at your favorite restaurant, the woman at the antique shop who sold you the 18th century French armoire, or the man at the full service gas station who plugged the leak in your tire last week. 75% of the patients in our member clinics in Virginia have jobs!