• Last year member clinics provided patients with 37,567 dental visits.

    Estimated value of these dental services - $8,996,332.

  • Last year member clinics provided patients with 224,840 primary care visits and 55,596 specialty care visits.

    Estimated value of these patient visits - $41,510,038.

  • Last year member clinics provided patients with 22,946 mental health sessions.

    Estimated value of these mental health visits - $3,560,992.

  • Last year member clinics provided patients with 742,217 prescriptions.

    Estimated value of these medications - $121,340,889.

  • Last year hospitals and lab companies in Virginia provided the patients of member clinics with free lab services.

    Estimated value of these services - $53,436,595.


11/05/15 U.S. Senate Investigates Drug Cost Increases

The Senate is looking into the skyrocketing costs of prescription medications. 
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10/19/15 There's An App for That

Consumers now have access to mobile apps that can update them on their health benefits and even comparison shop for medical services. 
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10/13/15 Keeping Cost of Insurance Down

It's almost time for open enrollment for health care insurance.  There are some things to consider as you review your options and select a plan.
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10/09/15 Virginians In Favor of Expanding Medicaid

A new poll shows that the majority of people in Virginia believe the ACA is here to stay and that we should expand Medicaid to serve the uninsured.
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09/01/15 VAFCC Annual Conference

Registration is OPEN for VAFCC Annual Conference - November 8-10, Richmond, VA
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09/29/15 33 Million Still Uninsured

Health care reform has helped a lot of people in America, but there is still much work to do.
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09/23/15 High Cost of Prescription Meds

VAFCC is an advocate for low-income patients to have access to necessary life-saving medication for many chronic illnesses including diabetes, heart disease, cancer and HIV/AIDS. VAFCC member clinics treat more than 75,000 adult patients a year, many of whom rely on medications to continue activities of daily living, including employment. Without access to medicines, many patients would not only lose their jobs and homes, but possibly their lives. All patients deserve access to medication without regard to whether they have insurance or not. Advocates for our public health system, need to use their voices with policy makers to reduce skyrocketing prescription costs.   
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09/23/15 Virginia Hospitals & Medicaid

The hospitals across Virginia are considering their options as they deal with the fact that the state has not expanded Medicaid.
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09/22/15 Executive Director Search Continues for St. Luke FC

St. Luke Community Clinic is accepting resumes for the position of Executive Director.
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08/23/15 Brock Hughes Free Clinic Turns 20!

Happy Anniversary to the Brock Hughes Free Clinic and thank you for two decades of service to your community!
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08/10/15 Chesapeake Care Searching for Executive Director

Chesapeake Care is accepting resumes until September 3, 2015 for an experienced professional to serve as their Executive Director.
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08/07/15 Free Clinic in Charlottesville

The new Executive Director of the Charlottesville Free Clinic, Colleen Keller, discusses the continued need for free clinics in Virginia.
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07/19/15 Drone Program in Rural Virginia

This weekend a new drone program to deliver medications in rural areas was launched.  It was a part of the annual RAM Clinic in Wise County.
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07/13/15 Wise County RAM Clinic

This weekend is the Wise County RAM Clinic.  Many of the people that will be treated, would have benefited from Medicaid expansion.
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07/01/15 Will Virginia Revisit Medicaid Topic?

Governors across the country that initially refused to expand Medicaid are reconsidering since last week's Supreme Court ruling.
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06/25/15 Supreme Court Decides King v Burwell

This morning the Supreme Court of the USA decided by 6-3 in favor of the Affordable Care Act.  Health insurance purchased through the federal exchange are just as eligible for federal subsidies, as insurance purchased through state run exchanges.
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06/15/15 The Cost of Being Insured

Despite the fact that millions of people now have health insurance, many are finding that they can't afford the premiums and the cost of co-pays.
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11/22/15 Search for ED at Brock Hughes Free Clinnic

Send CV/Resume to bhfcinc@shentel.net or Executive Director Position, 450 W. Monroe Street, Wytheville, VA 24382.  You may also call (276) 223-0558 x306 for further information.  All inquiries must be postmarked by December 4, 2015.

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