• Last year member clinics provided patients with 33,850 dental visits.

    Estimated value of these dental services - $6,668,450.

  • Last year member clinics provided patients with 191,544 primary care visits and 58,930 specialty care visits.

    Estimated value of these patient visits - $35,430,835.

  • Last year member clinics provided patients with 22,150 mental health sessions.

    Estimated value of these mental health visits - $3,562,384.

  • Last year member clinics provided patients with 760,714 prescriptions.

    Estimated value of these medications - $111,028,186.

  • Last year hospitals and lab companies in Virginia provided the patients of member clinics with free lab services.

    Estimated value of these services - $56,452,331.


09/17/14 The Working Poor Would Benefit From Medicaid Expansion

The majority of individuals who would benefit if Virginia Medicaid is expanded are working adults. Families USA has released a bulletin that outlines how Medicaid expansion in Virginia would affect working individuals who are "employed but uninsured" and lists the top nine industries that could benefit from the expansion.
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09/17/14 General Assembly Convenes Special Session

The Virginia General Assembly convenes on Thursday, September 18th to resume the debate on Medicaid expansion.  Their constituents have a message for them.
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09/08/14 Governor McAuliffe Unveils Health Care Plan

At a press conference this morning, Governor McAuliffe shared what additional health care coverage he can provide, without the support of the General Assembly.
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09/05/14 Women's Health Care

The CrossOver Health Care Ministry provides a wonderful program for uninsured women.  The volunteer doctors are also women!
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09/02/14 What is next for Virginia?

The debate over health care in Virginia continues this month.  There are many factors from politics to hospitals to free clinics.
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08/27/14 Development Position Available

The Lackey Free Clinic is accepting resumes for a Director of Development.
Questions - contact Carol Sale at csale@olivetministries.org
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08/18/14 Nurse Practitioner Position

The Free Medical Clinic of Northern Shenandoah Valley is seeking a part-time FNP, 2-3 days/week.  Must be licensed with 3 years experience.
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08/17/14 Free Clinics in the ACA Era

Listen to a discussion on Texas Public Radio about where free and charitable clinics stand today. It features Nicole Lamoureaux, ED of the National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics.
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08/07/14 Expanded Facility = Expanded Services

The Fan Free Clinic and the Center for High Blood Pressure are growing so that they can better serve patients.
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08/07/14 Secretary Hazel on Healthcare

Secretary William Hazel shares his views about the need to expand health care in Virginia.
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08/06/14 Mental Health Care Increasing

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, more young people are being treated for mental health issues, because they can stay on their parents insurance.
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08/03/14 Free Clinics and the ACA

Free Clinics across America are making adjustments on how to operate in the "post ACA" world.
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07/31/14 Hospitals Benefit from ACA

Hospitals are pleased so far with the number of patients now paying for services through their new healthcare insurance or expanded Medicaid.
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